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What is purpose of this website?

SingMedicos, a brand owned by YoSoft Solutions limited, committed to social causes with a vision to become a most trusted search solution for Medical Related Services in Singapore.With a mission to gain the trust and confidence by providing value enabled free search service for millions of people in Singapore

Give me the list of services provided by this website?

Anyone can search for information of a doctor, hospital or a pharmacy.

Give me the list of valud added services provided by this website?

Users can provide their review comments about the medicos. User can recommend a doctor to others

I am a doctor in Singapore. Can i register in this website?

Yes. You are welcome to register your details in this website. After registration, your details will be reviewed by our staff and it will be activated within 24 hours. An email confirmation will be sent to your email id on successful account activation

I have registered my details in your website. Can i update my contact details in future?

Yes. Please login with your userid and password. Please click "Contact Details" under "Update My Profile" section to update your contact details

We are a hospital organization registered successfully in singmedicos. Can we post our job offers free?

Yes. Please login with your userid and password. Please click "Post your offer ..." image on the top of your home page to post your job offers

I have visited a doctor 2 days back. I would like to provide my review comments for that doctor. Can i do that?

Yes. Please search for the doctor. On successful retrieval of the doctor in the search results, please click on the "Write Review" button on the right to provide your review comments on that doctor.